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Does divorce automatically mean alimony?

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2020 | Complex Divorce, Divorce

Alimony is not a guaranteed result of divorce. In fact, spousal support is much less common than in past generations, mainly because more marriages include spouses who both work. However, there are certain factors a New Jersey court will consider when determining whether one spouse will be responsible for paying support to the other spouse after they divorce and how long alimony will last.

Typically, the court will order alimony for a spouse who needs time to become self-sufficient after the divorce. The court may set a deadline for the spouse to complete training, education or a job search, or alimony payments may last as long as the spouse needs to earn a sustainable income. In some cases, spouses may receive alimony as a reimbursement for support he or she provided during the marriage, such as paying for a spouse’s student loans or leaving a job to care for the children.

To determine if a spouse is eligible for spousal support, the court will consider several factors. For example, a judge will look at how long the couple was married, how much earning ability each has and whether it is financially feasible for one spouse to pay the other. These are only a few examples, and numerous other factors may influence whether one spouse will receive support payments and for how long. Spousal support may also be considered for those in civil unions.

Those New Jersey residents who are planning to divorce understand that the decisions made during this time may have a lasting impact on the finances of each partner. Because of this, it is essential to have solid legal advice and careful planning before approaching this process. Working with a skilled attorney is a good way to improve the chances of meeting one’s goals for spousal support.