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Knowing when the time is right to divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2020 | Complex Divorce, Divorce

For many New Jersey couples, tough times are part of a normal and evolving marriage. For others, however, tough times come more frequently than the good times, and it can wear them down. It is not always easy to know when a marriage is essentially over. Making the decision to divorce is seldom easy.

Deciding to remain in an unhappy marriage is something a couple may do simply because they are invested. A couple who has already spent decades together and raised a family may feel it is easier to stay married than to go through the complex and emotional process of splitting up. However, staying together may not always be the best decision, especially if one’s unhappiness in the marriage is affecting other areas of life, such as one’s job, health and other relationships.

A spouse who thinks more and more frequently about life outside the marriage may be moving emotionally toward making the decision to divorce. This decision may be easier if there is abuse, indifference, infidelity, addiction or other serious issues involved. However, for many, simply feeling that the relationship is hopeless and offers nothing for the future is enough to decide to leave.

Deciding to divorce is a deeply personal choice and one that should not be made without calm and careful consideration. Additionally, many find it easier to make a decision after speaking with a legal professional who can answer their questions and provide them with information about the process. Knowing what to expect in the future may be helpful in deciding whether divorce is the most appropriate step to take.