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Seeking sole child custody

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2020 | Child Custody And Visitation

For the good of the children, most courts begin child custody matters with the mindset that shared custody is best. Many studies show that children fare better in life when they have equal access to both parents. Because of this, the assumption that the mother should get full custody is no longer a given. However, certain circumstances may lead one New Jersey parent to pursue a child custody order that limits the amount of time the other parent has with the children.

A parent who is seeking sole custody should be prepared to prove to the court why it is in the best interests of the child to have limited time with the other parent. This may include drug or alcohol addiction, a history of abuse or other factors that may create an unsafe environment for the child. The best interests of the child are always the most important factor in a child custody case, but sometimes it is the little details that can give a parent the edge when seeking full custody.

Even details as simple as dressing appropriately for court may have a subtle influence on the judge. Additionally, a parent’s behavior in court will certainly give the judge a glimpse into the parent’s typical composure. Finally, it is always wise for a parent to be well prepared for court by having solid documentation for his or her case.

A skilled attorney can be of great assistance to a parent who is seeking sole child custody. Since this is a challenging goal, a guide and advocate can be very helpful. Having an experienced New Jersey attorney can improve one’s chances for a positive outcome and offer some peace of mind.