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When modifications are necessary in child support agreements

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2020 | Child Support, Enforcements And Modifications

The divorce settlement cleared, covering the gamut from child support, child custody and parenting time to division of assets and alimony. Now, it is time to move on with your life, looking to the future and taking care of your children. But few things in life really are permanent. They are not set in stone. And that includes the details within a divorce settlement.

Among the matters that get second, third, fourth and multiple reviews is child support. When things change in the lives of you, the child’s other parent and the child, then it is time to pursue a modification of the divorce agreement with extra attention on child support.

Changes in income and child’s needs

When can child support be modified? Courts typically consider child support modification if a substantial change occurs in specific circumstances. These primarily include changes in the child’s needs as well as changes in income of the parent who provides the payments.

The parent who requests the modification must show the court that the changes are permanent, unanticipated and substantial. Here are some typical scenarios when child support gets revisited and revised:

  • When a parent loses a job or experiences a significant increase or decrease in income.
  • Significant debts or a boost in assets by one of the parents.
  • Changes in the children’s education costs or increased medical expenses.
  • When a permanent disability overcomes one of the parents or the child.
  • Change in parenting time. This scenario comes into play if a child spends either more time or less time with the non-custodial parent.

In many cases, divorce is a difficult and painful experience for all involved. But it was necessary in your situation. Many aspects of your life are affected, and that includes matters regarding your children. Child support is essential, and when things change in the lives of parents and their children, it is time to seek modifications in child support.