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Divorce makes many spouses act unreasonably

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2021 | Complex Divorce, Divorce

Not everyone handles gracefully a spouse’s decision to divorce. In fact, some spouses may let their dark sides show, reacting with anger and vengeance when a spouse announces the decision to end the marriage. While most divorcing couples hope to resolve their differences as civilly and peacefully as possible, it is wise to be alert for some of the unfair tactics an angry spouse may use throughout the divorce process.

Whether they intend to prevent the other spouse from achieving the divorce or simply want to inflict as much pain as possible, it may not take long for angry spouses to figure out the most effective ways to punish their partners. Even if things seem to be going smoothly, one should be aware of the tactics an angry spouse may use and prepare to take whatever legal steps are necessary to protect one’s rights. Some common tricks divorcing spouses use to express their anger include the following:

  • Accusing the other spouse of domestic abuse
  • Conceding to agreements he or she has no intention of keeping
  • Stalling the divorce process with unnecessary motions or refusing to sign documents
  • Blocking the other spouse’s access to savings, investments or credit accounts
  • Making public sensitive or embarrassing details about the other spouse, such as on social media
  • Fighting for full custody when the other spouse has agreed to sharing custody

Dealing with these and other cruel tactics alone is risky with so much on the line. Instead, many in New Jersey obtain legal counsel as soon as possible and rely on that sound advice through every step of the divorce process.