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Protecting the kids’ mental health when discussing child custody

On Behalf of | May 18, 2021 | Child Custody And Visitation

When their parents divorce, kids can suffer mentally and emotionally. The end of their marriage will affect the kids, and that is the primary reason why New Jersey parents strive to reach a child custody agreement that will be best for the mental health of their children. The choices parents make can affect their kids for years to come, and it is helpful to maintain a long-term perspective in these choices.

A difficult transition

The first year after their parents divorce is often the most difficult for kids. Each situation is different, and the ages of the kids play a large role in how they process information and deal with upheaval in their everyday lives. For example, young children may not understand what is happening. Parents will find it beneficial to provide them with as much continuity of lifestyle and routine as possible.

For elementary-age kids, they likely understand what is happening, but they may not know how to handle their emotions about it. For kids this age, it is helpful to provide regular access to both parents and maintain a willingness to answer their questions. Teens may respond in anger, and they may place the blame on one parent. This is difficult for New Jersey parents, but it typically gets better over time.

A strong child custody agreement

To help kids navigate this difficult time, parents can provide their kids with stability and security. This is possible through a thoughtful and carefully drafted child custody agreement. It will help to think about the long-term implications of any decision before making permanent choices that will affect the kids.