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Using technology to make co-parenting easier after divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2021 | Child Custody And Visitation

Technology can be used to simplify life in many ways. A new app, called SupportPay, was designed to make life easier for divorced parents of minor children. This app can be used to create an easy way to keep up with child support payments and other financial data. Parents can utilize the system to communicate with each other in a non-confrontational way about finances related to their children. 

How it works 

The SupportPay app allows separated or divorced parents to set up an account so they can share data on costs related to childcare. The app can be used online or can be downloaded to a mobile device. Parents can use the app to create custom plans based on their unique circumstances. It not only covers regular child support, but also allows parents to upload receipts for other childcare expenses so they can be split between both parties. 

Benefits of SupportPay 

Using this app means that both parties have a record of all costs associated with caring for their minor children. This type of technology was designed mainly for use with child support payments. But it can also be beneficial if divorced parents need to keep a record of medical costs, expenses related to extracurricular activities and other costs. The app was designed with all divorced parents in mind, but it may be especially beneficial for those who do not communicate well, as it can reduce the face-to-face interactions that can lead to confrontations.  

Child support and other childcare-related expenses can often cause conflict among divorcees. Using technology to keep track of those expenses can simplify the process of splitting costs. When parents with minor children are going through a divorce, they can benefit from legal advice from an attorney with experience in child support cases.