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Financial issues delay settlement in Kelly Clarkson divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2021 | Complex Divorce

There are many areas of divorce that can cause delays in finalization. Frequently, those issues are tied to the finances of one or both divorcing parties, especially in the case of high-asset divorces. Celebrities like Kelly Clarkson must deal with the same issues as anyone during divorce, but sometimes on a much larger scale. Her divorce from Brandon Blackstock, which was initially filed in June 2020, still hasn’t been settled due to financial disagreements between the parties.  

Challenges of a high-asset divorce 

In this situation, the couple had signed a prenup before marriage. That agreement did hold up in court even though it was contested by Mr. Blackstock. Kelly Clarkson was ordered to pay legal fees, child support and spousal support. But that ruling did not end the financial disagreements between the couple.  

Mr. Blackstock worked for Mrs. Clarkson in a managerial capacity. He is now also asking for fees related to the work he performed for her. This, coupled with the division of assets gained by the couple during marriage, constitutes millions of dollars that both sides believe they are entitled to.  The couple also has two children, which can further complicate the divorce proceedings. 

Pursuing a high-asset divorce 

Most divorces have financial considerations that must be worked out, usually by the courts. But during high-asset divorces, the stakes are higher, especially if one party earned significantly more than the other. Prenuptial agreements are helpful, but they aren’t always the final answer to a divorce settlement. Anyone in New Jersey who is contemplating divorce, especially those with high assets, can benefit from legal advice from an experienced family law attorney.