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Things to consider when a unmarried couple breaks up

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2021 | Family Law

Serious and long-term relationships can have some of the same challenges at dissolution as a traditional divorce between a lawfully married couple. While some breakups are simple and don’t require legal considerations, others can be quite complicated. When an unmarried couple owns joint property in New Jersey and has children, they may need to seek legal help once the relationship is over.

Splitting assets and other matters

When an unmarried couple has joint assets, the laws that apply to a traditional divorce may not be applicable. Couples can make agreements to divide up assets, and many times these agreements are legal in court proceedings but resolving post-breakup issues can still be challenging. Alimony, for example, is often awarded after a legal divorce but is not common when an unmarried couple parts ways.

Even though a couple may not have an official marriage certificate, they can still have the same problems to deal with after a breakup. If the couple has minor children, it’s important to come up with a child custody agreement that best benefits the children. Owning joint property like a home or vehicle can also create issues during asset division. Many times, the couple may end up in court to reach an agreement on these issues.

Legal assistance

A couple may not have a marriage certificate, but they can still undergo many of the same disputes as those going through a traditional divorce. When a New Jersey couple dissolves a relationship where there are minor children involved or joint property owned, both parties can benefit from seeking legal counsel. The same laws may not apply in this situation so it’s helpful to speak with an attorney that has experience in family law to better understand the options moving forward.