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Grief is common after divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2021 | Complex Divorce, Divorce

Most people go into divorce expecting emotional ups and downs. However, many don’t realize that experiencing grief, like what one might feel when a loved one dies, is actually quite common. Even if the divorce is something one has wanted, there are still many difficult emotions to be dealt with during and after the divorce settlement. It’s helpful to understand these emotions and to prepare for the different stages of grief so divorcees can get the help they need to move on and start over. 

Preparing for grief after divorce 

Even under the best circumstances, divorce is rarely easy. Many people grieve for the life they had before, even if the marriage was an unhappy one. Changes to the financial situation, the living arrangements and adjusting to the child custody arrangements can add to the sadness that often comes after a marriage is dissolved. By understanding more about the stages of grief, one can seek the help needed to move forward. 

Grief manifests itself differently in each person and with each different situation. It often begins with stress and anxiety over dealing with a new way of life. Many individuals find it helpful to speak with a professional during this stage to help one come to terms with the common post-divorce feelings of anger, sadness and guilt. In time, those intense feelings lessen, and divorcees learn how to move on in their new life.  Eventually, life starts to feel normal again and most of those extreme emotions fade away. 

Legal help during divorce 

When dealing with complicated emotional situations, it’s not wise to make legal decisions without counsel. Divorce is a complex legal process so it’s important to seek advice from an experienced New Jersey family law attorney. They can help one be aware of their options and can provide sound advice on making difficult decisions in an already stressful time.