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Many states are embracing equal shared parenting arrangements

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2022 | Child Custody And Visitation

Coming to an agreeable child custody arrangement is one of the hardest parts of divorce for most parents. Understandably, both sides tend to want to primary custody even if it’s not necessarily the best thing for the children. Child custody agreements have changed significantly over the last century. A recent trend shows that many states are starting to move toward an equal sharing custody arrangement where children share time between each parent. 

How it works 

Traditionally in custody agreements, one parent would get primary custody and the children would spend more than 50% of their time with that parent. The equal shared parenting arrangement works differently as neither parent would be considered primary, and the children would spend close to equal time with each parent. Most arrangements of this sort allow for some flexibility for alternating holidays and other special events. 

Shared custody arrangements are becoming more popular in many states because they often provide the best solution to help children thrive. Children can adapt to a constant and predictable schedule where they share time between their parents’ households. Parents can work together to agree to a custody arrangement that allows the children to split equal time between homes or they can seek help from the court system to assist them in deciding on a custody schedule. 

Settling child custody arrangements 

The main goal of a custody arrangement is stability for the children. Sometimes parents can agree on an arrangement without the intervention of the court system. Even when parents are agreeable, it’s important to put the arrangements in writing for legal purposes. Parents can seek advice from an experienced New Jersey family law attorney to help them create a custody agreement that promotes a healthy and happy environment for the children involved.