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Tips for an amicable divorce process

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2022 | Divorce

Going through a divorce can be very stressful under any circumstances. But when there is tension or hard feelings between the couple, the process may prove even more difficult. In some cases, it’s best to just cease contact and get on with the divorce. But if both parties want to remain amicable, going through the divorce may take less time and the healing process post-divorce can be easier to deal with. 

How to stay amicable 

It’s not advisable to relinquish one’s legal rights during divorce simply to have less tension. But people can stay amicable while still protecting themselves and their interests. Parents who are divorcing should always be cautious about saying negative things around the children or using the kids for information. Communication is key, and it’s helpful to be clear about expectations and not to use mind games when speaking about divorce terms. 

Those going through a divorce can benefit from considering their top priorities and their post-divorce goals. A divorce won’t always be equal for both sides, but the goal is to provide equity instead. Boundaries are important, especially when minor children are involved. Divorcees should try to keep communication lines open and should avoid using threats or insults as a method of getting one’s way.  

Legal concerns 

Amicable divorces are always the goal, but in some cases, it’s just not possible. When there is extreme tension between the divorcing parties, it’s best to let an attorney deal with back-and-forth communications. An experienced family law attorney can help those in New Jersey who are facing divorce understand their rights and obligations.