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Steps for tackling a gray divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2022 | Complex Divorce

Divorcing later in life can come with some unique challenges in New Jersey. Gray divorce, which is the term commonly used when those over 50 dissolve a marriage, is becoming more common. As the average lifespan increases, and the stigma around divorce decreases, many older adults are realizing that they are no longer happy in their marriage. Each divorce situation is different, but there are some common issues that those going through a gray divorce should be aware of.  

Take early action  

Knowing that one is going through a divorce can often cause feelings of sadness or betrayal, if these emotions are extreme, it can be hard to make important decisions. It’s helpful for divorcees to have a strong support system with family and friends to talk with when times are rough. Going into divorce usually means significant financial changes, so it’s essential to understand what one needs to survive and thrive post-divorce and plan accordingly by getting financial matters in order. 

Divorces can take time and the amount of time can vary greatly. Many people want the process to be done as quickly as possible, but in rushing things, one may not make sound decisions. Asset division is an important part of any divorce. Those dealing with divorce later in life may have many assets to be settled, which may make the divorce process take even longer. It’s important to understand that in the long run, it’s better to deal with all financial matters thoroughly, even if it takes more time. 

Help with the legal side 

Divorce is complicated and the situation can be very emotional, but ultimately, divorce is a legal matter. New Jersey residents who are contemplating divorce can benefit from seeking legal counsel from an experienced family law attorney. They can answer any questions and help divorcees prepare for the process.