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While some legal matters are dry and technical, family law is different: Every change in your family can be a source of great joy or great pain, and it’s not easy to navigate through a complicated legal process while working through these intense emotions. That’s why it’s important to have a knowledgeable and compassionate lawyer helping you along the way. I am an experienced family law attorney with a master’s degree in social work, which means I am proud to help you stand up for your interests no matter what change you and your family are facing.

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I represent clients throughout New Jersey facing a wide range of issues that fall under family law. These include:

  • High Net Worth and Complex Divorce: If you are considering divorce, I will fight to maximize your rights when the court decides alimony and equitable distribution.
  • Child custody: For couples with children, I can assist you in creating a stable environment for your children after the divorce or separation.
  • Visitation: If you do not have primary custody of your child, I will help you assert your parental rights through a detailed and comprehensive parenting schedule.
  • Domestic violence cases: The legal system is a useful tool to create space between spouses or family members when anger threatens to manifest as violence. I have represented clients on both sides of such cases: victims of violence seeking a restraining order or other actions to protect their safety, as well as partners and family members who have been accused of violence but seek to maintain access to their home and their children as the criminal matter is being resolved.
  • Juvenile delinquency: If your child is accused of breaking the law, I can help. I have extensive experience in New Jersey’s juvenile justice system defending hundreds of vulnerable youth avoid unfair treatment and a juvenile record.
  • Prenuptial agreements, wills and power of attorney: If you are planning to get married, I can help you and your future spouse clearly express your expectations and needs in a prenuptial agreement. This frank, honest conversation and the resulting documents can help you avoid serious disagreements in the future.

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From my office in New Brunswick, I represent clients in both English and Spanish. Servicios legales disponibles en español.