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Trusted Guidance In A Complicated Divorce

Divorce is far from simple in the best of circumstances, and many factors can complicate a divorce. Everything from contested custody to complex asset division can introduce difficult problems into the process. When you face complex issues in your divorce, you need a trusted guide to help you understand the law and make educated decisions along the way.

My name is Amilcar J. Perez, and I am here to help you make sense of your divorce and fight for your legal rights. My firm, Perez Family Law, is located in New Brunswick and serves clients throughout southern New Jersey. I represent clients in both English and Spanish. Se habla español.

What Makes A Divorce Complex?

Several situations can result in a complex divorce. Examples include:

  • High net worth divorce – High-value assets, such as a business, and estates with a high net worth can create a challenging property division.
  • Custody dispute – People become quite protective of their relationship with their children and when combined with the complicated rules regarding child custody, disputes can arise.
  • Domestic violence – When a family is dealing with violence and abuse, every aspect of the divorce process becomes more complicated.
  • Alimony dispute – When one party requests alimony, the other may strongly protest, leading to disputes.

A complex divorce does not necessarily mean you cannot reach a settlement agreement. You may need more patience and willingness on both sides to work it out in order to achieve success, but success may still be possible. Of course, if you cannot come to an agreement, I am prepared to represent your interests in court.

Allow Me To Simplify The Process

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