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Protecting Your Parental Rights And Safety In Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence is a factor in many family law cases. People might seek a divorce, a change in the child custody order or a restraining order because their spouse or co-parent is physically, emotionally or sexually abusive. Others are dealing with a false accusation and the threat of being forced out of their home and losing contact with their children.

Whatever side you are on in a domestic violence matter, experienced and compassionate legal representation. At Perez Family Law, I represent both clients requesting a restraining order against a spouse or partner, as well as the accused. As an experienced family law attorney with a Master’s degree in social work, I understand the emotions and stakes involved. I can help you pursue your goals and protect your loved ones.

The Restraining Order Process In New Jersey

In New Jersey, anyone can request a restraining order on their current or former spouse, roommate, romantic partner or co-parent. Upon receiving the request, the court will issue a temporary restraining order (TRO) against the accused person. This TRO can prohibit the accused person from seeing the alleged victim and others, or force them to leave their home. The TRO remains in effect until a hearing can be held where both sides have the chance to plead their case. After that, the judge will decide whether to issue a final restraining order (FRO) and what its terms will be.

These hearings can determine a parent’s rights and housing options going forward. They can also help protect adults and children from abuse. I will prepare thoroughly and push for the result you and your children deserve.

Discuss Your Rights With A Knowledgeable Lawyer

If you need help obtaining a restraining order or defending yourself against one, I can advise you of your rights, develop a strategy and argue on your behalf in court. Call 732-201-6435 or email my office in New Brunswick to schedule a free initial consultation with me. I represent clients in both English and Spanish. Servicios legales disponibles en español.